Jeff Lui

Artificial Intelligence & Ethical Deployment

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to permeate and potentially disrupt many, if not all, industries. With new technology comes a new set of challenges and considerations from an ethical perspective. Join Jeff Lui in this session, where he will discuss the impact of AI and the questions that must be considered when developing any responsible AI implementation and the ethical concerns through the lens of his AI Ethics Funnel. He will also discuss his career journey through the field of AI and how he continues to be involved in the wider industry.

Jeff Lui is currently a Director of Artificial Intelligence in Deloitte’s Applied Innovations Practice, and PhD Student in AI & Analytics at Queen's University. Jeff has a passion for people and ethics, and has a keen interest in how organizations can optimize for happiness. His current role has Jeff spearheading Deloitte’s EmotionPlus Platform, which uses machine learning to predict emotions and sentiment. Prior to Deloitte, Jeff spent 4 years working at Google on their People & AI Team, both in Toronto and at GooglePlex in Mountain View, where he helped Google transform from a traditional tech organization into one that is now fully driven by data science.

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