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The main objective of BioMot, the project José Luis Pons is leading on, is to improve existing wearable robotic exoskeletons exploiting dynamic sensory-motor interactions and developing cognitive capabilities that can lead to symbiotic gait behaviour in the interaction of a human with a wearable robot.

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Startupbootcamp is the global startup accelerator with 8 programs in Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Eindhoven, Israel, Istanbul and London and a mentor and alumni network in more than 30 countries. They have just launched a new program focusing on smart transportation and energy in Berlin and San Francisco.

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If the race to find alternative power was a beauty contest, then Broessel's solar ball would be standard on rooftops. His energy concentrating design really is elegant--much more handsome than a clunky old solar panel, and is 35% more efficient than a standard panel, and does even better when combined with a tool for tracking the sun.

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Shlomi Mir has invented a tumbleweed-shaped robot that can travel for years using only wind power to collect information about desertification - the spread of new deserts onto farmland and into communities. A tiny onboard computer & sensors can map out land & measure temperature, rainfall and humidity.

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ZenRobotics is on a mission to make the world a greener place by attempting to solve the global waste problem. The ZenRobotics Recycler system sorts raw materials like metal, wood, and stone at a rate of 1,400 items an hour using multiple sensors inputs. Eventually, ZenRobotics will recycle mobile electronics.

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Jens Bauer has used laser writing to make porous materials that are lighter than water and strong as steel. The engineered composites have a strength-to-density ratio that is higher than any known engineered material. Such strong but light materials can be used to make air and spacecraft components, armor, and energy storage devices.

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Berlin designer Ronen Kadushin has created a chair made of a single sheet of metal and published the design so that it can be downloaded, manipulated and produced by anyone. Read more about his open design and Ronen's aim is to shift Industrial Design to become relevant in a globally networked information society.

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Raúl Rojas of the Freie Universität Berlin and his team are working on a modular system for the operation of autonomous or semi-autonomous cars. The development of autonomous vehicles will be an evolutionary process, with driver assistance systems being introduced initially to help humans drive more comfortably and safely.

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Extraordinary Speakers

Discover cutting-edge technologies on the horizon from the world's leading innovators & scientists. Learn from the experts in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, sensors & genome sequencing. Think differently about challenges. Choose the difficult path. Think big.

Discover Emerging Technologies

The summit will showcase the opportunities of exponentially accelerating technologies and their impact on business & society. Trying to predict what's on the horizon? Too late. The future is already here. Learn the latest technological advancements from a global line-up of experts.

Expand Your Network

A unique opportunity to interact with leading scientists, entrepreneurs, influential businesses & exciting startups in the very same place. What happens when you put leading thinkers, makers & doers in the same room? Meet fellow innovators with the same passion to change the world.

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  • Entrepreneurs
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  • 50 speakers
  • 200 leading technologists & innovators
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  • Discover technology shaping the future

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  • IoT


  • Energy


  • Robotics


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  • Big Data

    Big Data

  • Environmental Monitoring

    Environmental Monitoring

  • Machine Learning

    Machine Learning

  • Quantified Self

    Quantified Self



The Umweltforum Auferstehungskirche is a unique church turned conference venue that is more than 100 years old.

  • Directions to the venue:

  • Underground: U5 to Strausberger Platz, exit Lebuser Straße, 3 minute walk

  • Streetcar: M5, M6 and M8 to Platz der Vereinten Nationen, 3 minute walk
  • Bus: 142 from Hauptbahnhof or Ostbahnhof to Friedrichsberger Straße, 3 minute walk
  • Umweltforum (Environmental Forum) Berlin
  • Pufendorfstr. 11
  • 10249 Berlin


There are a limited number of discounted rooms available at the Innside Berlin Hotel

The discount code is: BEUM14. Call or Email to book.

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Chief Knowledge Officer, NASA

"Excellent event. Good combination of highly technical and broader presentation that gave me a good understanding of the current state and potential of the Deep Learning" RE•WORK Deep Learning Summit San Fran 2015


Director of IoT Market Strategy, Xively

"'I’ve been to countless IoT events, and this was hands down one of the most interesting. It was nice to see actual people building actual connected products giving their perspective." RE•WORK IoT Summit Boston 2015


Future & Emerging Technologies Unit

"RE•WORK provided a unique mix of technology, from the exploration of latest scientific findings to startups that can make them a reality" RE•WORK Technology Summit London 2014

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Machine Intelligence in Autonomous Vehicles Summit San Francisco

23 March 2017, San Francisco

The Machine Intelligence in Autonomous Vehicles Summit brings together leading industry players, exciting new startups and breakthrough technological research to create safer, smarter and more efficient transport. The event will showcase the next generation of connected vehicles, powered by the internet of things, artificial intelligence, connected devices, sensors, virtual assistants, wearables and predictive intelligence.

Machine Intelligence Summit San Francisco

23 March 2017, San Francisco

The Machine Intelligence Summit: where machine learning meets artificial intelligence. The rise of intelligent machines to make sense of data in the real world. Learn from the industry experts in speech & image recognition, natural language processing and computer vision. Explore how AI will impact transport, manufacturing, healthcare, retail and more.

Deep Learning Summit Singapore

27 April 2017, Singapore

The Deep Learning Summit is the next revolution in artificial intelligence. Explore the impact of image & speech recognition as a disruptive trend in business and industry. How can multiple levels of representation and abstraction help to make sense of data such as images, sound, and text. Hear the latest insights and technology advancements from industry leaders, startups and researchers.


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