Time icon 08:30


Josef Brunner

Josef Brunner - Chief Architect for IoT & Energy - Cisco


Time icon 09:10


Luca Gammaitoni

Luca Gammaitoni - Professor of Physics - University of Perugia

Can we Operate a Computer without Spending Energy?

Andreas Müller

Andreas Müller - Machine Learning Scientist - Amazon

Computer Vision Applications at Amazon

Time icon 10:10

Smart Materials Disrupting Society

Time icon 10:30

Robotics: The New Revolution

Time icon 10:50


Time icon 11:10

Our Environment: Hacking and Reshaping a Sustainable Future

Time icon 11:30


Time icon 11:50

PANEL: The Internet of Things - Smart Interconnected World

Time icon 12:10

Future Breakthroughs in Energy Storage & Production

Time icon 12:30


Time icon 12:50

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Time icon 13:10

Smart, Future, Imagined Cities

Time icon 13:30

Conversation & Drinks on the Terrace

Erik Schlangen

Erik Schlangen - Chair of Experimental Micromechanics - Delft University of Technology

Self-Healing Materials

Daniel Schwaag

Daniel Schwaag - Director - elegant embellishments

Smog Eating Buidings

Juan Moreno

Juan Moreno - Head of Human Locomotion Laboratory - Neural Rehabilitation Group, Cajal Institute

BioMot Project - Exploiting Dynamic Sensory-Motor Interactions to Develop Symbiotic Gait Exoskeletons

André Broessel

André Broessel - Director - Rawlemon Solar Architecture

Solar Architecture & Complex Technology

Barbara Mazzolai

Barbara Mazzolai - Director - Center for Micro-BioRobotics

Biomimetics in Action: Plants as a New Source of Inspiration in Robotics

Jamie Paik

Jamie Paik - Director of Reconfigurable Robotics Lab - EPFL

Reconfigurable Robotics

Jürgen Mayer H.

Jürgen Mayer H. - Founder - J. MAYER H. Architects

Digital Technologies & Future Cities

Raúl Rojas

Raúl Rojas - Professor of Computer Science - Freie Universität Berlin

The Autonomous Car

Tuomas Lukka

Tuomas Lukka - Chief Scientist - ZenRobotics

The First Robotic Waste Sorting System in the World

Jens Bauer

Jens Bauer - Mechanical Engineer - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

High-Strength Micro-Architected Lightweight Materials

Shlomi Mir

Shlomi Mir - Senior Designer - Israel National Museum of Science

Researching Desertification through Automation

Patty Kostkova

Patty Kostkova - Principal Research Associate for ehealth - University College London

Big Data for Epidemic Intelligence

Martin Spindler

Martin Spindler - Co-Founder - Internet of People


Time icon 18:10

Big Data & Healthcare

Time icon 18:30

Smart Wearable Robots

Robert Thielicke

Robert Thielicke - Editor in Chief - Technology Review


Mitko Vasilev

Mitko Vasilev - CTO, IoT Center of Innovation Berlin - Cisco Systems


Martin Spindler

Martin Spindler - Co-Founder - Internet of People


Mitko Vasilev

Mitko Vasilev - CTO, IoT Center of Innovation Berlin - Cisco Systems


David Knight

David Knight - Editor-in-Chief - Silicon Allee


Lukas Murmann

Lukas Murmann - Co-Founder/CTO - qLearning Applications

One Size does not fit all. Study Materials Tailored for your Course

Béatrice Marquez-Garrido

Béatrice Marquez-Garrido - Scientific Project Officer at Future & Emerging Technologies - European Commission

Next Generation Technologies

Sebastien Bourdeauducq

Sebastien Bourdeauducq - Founder - M-Labs

The New Open Source Frontier

Alex Farcet

Alex Farcet - Co-Founder & Managing Director - Startupbootcamp


Time icon 09:50


Time icon 10:10

MicroRobotics & NanoMedicine

Time icon 10:30


Time icon 10:50

Space: The New Frontier

Time icon 11:10

Future & Emerging Technologies

Time icon 11:30


Time icon 11:50

The Startup Stage: 'Shaping Tomorrow'

Owen Falzon

Owen Falzon - Lecturer, Centre for Biomedical Cybernetics - University of Malta

Building a Brain-Controlled Music Player

Ronen Kadushin

Ronen Kadushin - Founder - Open Design

Open Design: Products in a Networked Culture

Time icon 12:50


Time icon 13:10


Lena Klemm

Lena Klemm - Communication & Marketing - Anwendungszentrum

Earth Observation Solutions for Renewable Energy

Hermann Frank

Hermann Frank - Co-Founder - Flagship

A Multi-Planetary Future

Bradley Nelson

Bradley Nelson - Professor of Robotics and Intelligent Systems - ETH Zurich

Bacteria-Sized Medical Robots

Time icon 14:30

Biohacking the Future & Brain-Computer Interface

Time icon 14:50

Open Design: Meet the New Makers

René Phan

René Phan - CEO - Arundo

Arundo - Your desk in one app.

Roel Berger

Roel Berger - Head of Product - Argus Labs

Argus Labs: Mobile Sensing & Machine Learning

Peter Troxler

Peter Troxler - Research Professor, Revolution in Manufacturing - Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

New Manufacturing: Networked & Open Source

Fabio Mastroianni

Fabio Mastroianni - Service Design Lead - Fjord Stockholm

Designing to Disappear - with Fjord

Time icon 16:30

3D Printing, Design & Impact

Lucas Verweij

Lucas Verweij - Curator - Pruys-Bekeart


Time icon 17:10

Applications of the Internet of Things

Lukasz Radziwonowicz

Lukasz Radziwonowicz - Project Manager R&D - Future Application & Media - Fraunhofer FOKUS

The Convergence of the Internet of Services and the Internet of Things

Michael Sorkin

Michael Sorkin - CEO - iGO3D

3D Printing

Tim Kirchner

Tim Kirchner - Founder - Luuv

Introducing LUUV. An Inside Perspective of a Berlin Hardware Startup.

Andriy Shmyhelskyy

Andriy Shmyhelskyy - CEO - CareToSave

Smart Metering meets Gamification

Anna Rose

Anna Rose - CEO - Videopath

Interactive Video Made Easy

Stefania Druga

Stefania Druga - Founder - Afrimakers

Critical Making in Africa: Local manufacturing and regional collaboration

Time icon 19:30


Béatrice Marquez-Garrido

Béatrice Marquez-Garrido - Scientific Project Officer at Future & Emerging Technologies - European Commission


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