André Broessel

André S. Brößel is the inventor/founder of Rawlemon Solar Architecture Ltd. He has more than 27 years of experience in architecture, design with an emphasis in complex technology. He is passionate about kinetics, combinatorics and his work has set an incredible precedent for future generations.

He studied architecture at FH Düsseldorf and HdK Berlin (Dipl.-Ing 2000) and has been awarded “Working Worlds in the Future” prize as well as recognized for his “Science-Fiction Thesis” on how humans can build structures including nature. André has also invented Reflux (safe bicycle light), worked in collaboration with Eduard Soler Technology Center Foundation in Catalunya to improve rapid prototyping, CAD/CAM, assembly and founded Renderfields. In November 2013, Rawlemon was a finalist and nominated for the World Technology Award in three categories: Energy-Individual, Design-Individual, Energy-Corporate along side TESLA Electric Vehicles and BrightSource Power Plant providers.

André S. Brößel will speak about Rawlemon’s breakthrough advanced transparent solar energy technology. His talk will comprise some of the following applications: Beta.ey (S and XL) device charger for cell phones and tablets; Beta.ray (KS 1000 & 1800) an efficient power generator for electric vehicles, and equipment; MicroTrack11 CPV Power Module designed for full building integration.

These revolutionary inventions provide: Solar Concentrator Technology for full building integration; Electricity and thermal energy conversion, or both as a hybrid, harvesting up to 50% more efficient than traditional solar systems in building integration; The dual axis tracking and the ball lens provides energy even on a cloudy day; Weather proof that can withstand the elements; Low carbon footprint with multi-junction high efficiency cells that are smaller than a fingernail.

View further details on Rawlemon's spherical solar power device here.

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