Andriy Shmyhelskyy

CareToSave has created a technology where smart metering meets gamification to teach kids how to save energy and help reduce household energy bills in a fun way. The Bobo Universe consists of an illustrated storybook, Bobo the smart device which monitors electricity consumption, and Bobo app for continuous engagement. Join Bobo on his mission and teach kids about the relationship between energy consumption and climate change!

Andriy Shmyhelskyy is a founder CareToSave (Amsterdam). CareToSave has created the Bobo Universe which seeks to engage kids save energy. He is really passionate to change the way kids are educated concerning energy and electricity with a mission to create Heroes in every Home. He has a MSc. in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the BI Norwegian Business School and an BSc. in Finance and has over 5 years of experience in a multitude of diverse startups. He has previously worked in business development, marketing, UX, and strategy to name a few.

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