Filip Maertens

Argus Labs offers an ad-tech cloud solution (API and SDK) so companies can build mobile apps that can sense, understand and anticipate the behaviour and mood of mobile audiences to increase user engagements and enable precision targeting.

At Argus Labs, we are building AI-driven profiling algorithms and machine intelligence that give systems the capability of understanding human behaviour and emotions as contextual items and deliver this next generation of machine intelligence to smart-phones, homes, wearables, cars and virtually every connected device so they become truly sentient devices. Argus Labs is offering AI-driven advertising and music solutions and processes over 1M requests per second on his cognitive computing platform.

Filip started coding at the age of 14, founded his first company at the age of 18 and got acquired at the age of 21. He has a major in cryptography of the University of Eindhoven. He’s a passionate public speaker on startups, singularity and technology (TEDx, etc.) and is currently writing his first book on the topic of machine intelligence. He has an acumen of over 15 years in cyber-security, mobile technology and data. His latest venture recently became a TNW Tech5 company and is considered to be pioneering in the field of AI and mobile ad-tech.

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