Hermann Frank

Making humanity multi-planetary is the driver behind some of the most significant progressions in space technology since the 1960s. Such as SpaceX’s development of reusable rockets being successfully tested with the first Falcon9 rocket vertically landing in the ocean after launching cargo to the ISS. Significantly reducing the cost of spaceflight is crucial to making larger missions into space feasible within the next decade. “A multi-planetary future” provides an introduction to the current state of affairs, concepts and drivers behind making humanity multi-planetary. It provides a feasibility assessment to colonise other planets, current state of technology and necessary technological advancements as well as existing respected missions and projects in the field.

Hermann Frank Studied International Business at Maastricht University and Universita Bocconi, Milan Italy. Founding his first company - a proximity-based product search engine - straight out of university, Hermann attracted funding from some of Europe’s leading Angel VCs. He recently launched his second venture, Flagship aiming to technologically enable retailers around the world who previously wouldn’t have access to sophisticated technological solutions. His other passion is space exploration, in which he obtained significant knowledge over years. He increasingly advocates of multi-planetary life, aiming to raise awareness of one of humanity’s most profound challenges in the 21st century.

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