Jens Bauer

High-Strength Micro-Architected Lightweight Materials

Light materials are weak, strong materials are heavy. Strength and density, two materials properties of central relevance for engineering, are generally considered as closely correlated. However, certain porous biological materials such as bone remain strong despite being extremely light due to their hierarchical structuring from the macro- to the nano-scale. Applying 3D direct laser writing, a novel additive manufacturing technique with sub-micrometer resolution, biological principles may be implemented to manufacture high-strength lightweight materials with 3D microarchitecture. Exceeding all materials with a density below 1000 kg/m³ as well as most metallic alloys, ratios of strength-to-weight comparable to high-performance steels and technical ceramics are reached.

Jens Bauer received a mechanical engineering degree (Dipl.-Ing. 2011) from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Within his study he focused on lightweight design and structural optimization and is currently working on the development of micro-architected high-strength biomimetic lightweight materials, within his Ph.D. at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

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