Lukasz Radziwonowicz

The Web is not only limited to media delivery, presentation and control, it is moving more and more to support new kind of upcoming wearable devices, tiny sensors and actuators. Internet of Things, Web of Things, Internet of Everything are buzzwords for the same domain. It is about using the web as a platform for connecting, managing and make use of such kind of devices. We need tools that allow enterprises and innovators to introduce new Internet of Everything enabled services and apps to the market in a short time and with limited upfront investment.

Lukasz Radziwonowicz studied Computer Science at the Technical University of Berlin (Technische Universität Berlin). Currently, he is employed as researcher and project manager at the competence centre Future Applications and Media (FAME) in Berlin. Lukasz mainly focuses his research activities on future Web applications and Internet of Things solutions. He is fascinated by emerging technologies and the evolution of the Internet and how both apply to everyday life.

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