Michael Sorkin

iGo3D has been engaged in 3d-printing for 2 and a half years and has gained extensive experience with several 3D printers, modelling software and services. They have successfully launched their online store at www.iGo3D.com and they are the first distributor in Germany to fully concentrate on personal use 3d-printers. In September 2013 they opened the first German local store for 3d-printers, 3d-scanners, accessories and services and now with a team of more than 23 people in regional 3 headquarters, they are ready to approach new markets and projects. iGo3D is all about bringing 3D printing experience into the life of regular people.

Michael began his professional career as co-founder of the innovative fashion startup Neverhill. Due to his passion for design and new technologies he developed a strong passion for 3D printing. When he got the chance to start a project in 3D printing, it was no question wether to do it or not. Today, one year after the project started, the company iGo3D GmbH became the market leader for personal 3D printing in Germany and has introduced several new and successful products like Taulman Nylon filaments into the German market. In beginning of September 2013, Michael and his team did what most Germany call crazy: iGo3D started the first 3D printing retail store in Germany!

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