Mike Pelletier

What does the Future hold for Augmented Reality?

The Oculus Rift headset has reinvigorated the world of Virtual Reality. With the recent news of Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus, interest in this new technology has reached a fever pitch. While not yet released to the general public, the developer community has been enthusiastically experimenting with preview versions of the headset. A new ecosystem of interfaces have emerged around this device, opening up some unexpected possibilities for the future of virtual and augmented reality. This talk will provide a snapshot of the current state augmented and virtual reality, with hints toward what we can expect in the near future.

Mike Pelletier is an digital artist who works in the realms of digital fabrication, interactive installations, game modifications and 3d animation. He has participated and hosted a number of creative technology workshops and his work has been featured in festivals and exhibitions around the world.

In addition to his artistic practice he has extensive experience working with artists, designers and directors in creative environments. He has previously worked at the Banff Centre, Fablab Amsterdam and currently at Random Studio Amsterdam.Some of his experience includes creating interactive installations for bands such as Nike, Viktor & Rolf and Diesel.

Mike is originally from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada. He lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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