Owen Falzon

Building a brain-controlled music player

In this talk, Owen will present some of the major achievements of the Centre for Biomedical Cybernetics of the University of Malta which is a Centre fostering an interdisciplinary environment which brings together engineers and clinicians, enabling the generation, research and development of innovative ideas.   A major area of research of the Centre involves the analysis and processing of brain signals particularly in the context of brain-computer interfaces (BCIs).  BCIs consist of devices that can provide a direct link between an individual’s brain and a computer, thereby bypassing the peripheral nervous system and allowing a user to communicate and control equipment solely with the use of his brain activity. The application possibilities for BCIs are wide, ranging from communication tools for locked-in patients to brain-controlled gaming devices. Owen will present the Centre's success stories in BCI's explaining how one of the main BCI challenges to enhance the performance and reliability to make them practical and reliable for both healthy and motor impaired users is being addressed.

Owen Falzon is a lecturer with the Centre for Biomedical Cybernetics at the University of Malta.  He obtained a first degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Malta in 2006 and a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the same university in 2012. His main interests include biomedical signal and image processing and his research focuses on the development of novel algorithms for the analysis and processing of brain activity in order to improve the performance of brain-computer interfaces. At the Centre he is actively involved in various interdisciplinary collaborations aimed at developing new technologies to improve healthcare.

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