Patty Kostkova

Patty is the Principal Research Associate for ehealth, University College London and a Special Lecturer at City University, London. In years 2012-13, she held a Research Scientist post at the ISI Foundation in Italy. Until 2012, she was the Head of City eHealth Research Centre (CeRC) at City University, London, UK. She was a consultant at WHO, ECDC and Foundation Merieux and is a member of the ECDC Advisory Board on Knowledge Management.

Patty’s research into Big Data in healthcare includes one of the first studies exploring the potential of Twitter for early-warning while Medi+board, the public health dashboard, integrates multiple Big Data sources. Patty’s team was awarded the EHI 2012 Prize – finalist in Category “Best Use of social media in healthcare”. She was invited by BMJ as the “Idea Champion” to present her work on big data for epidemic intelligence receiving a wide media coverage including a BMJ scientific film: Medical Innovations: Twitter Epidemics Recently, she chaired an expert panels debating Big Data at BIG 2014 and PHDA 2014 in Soul, Korea. Her research was covered by Oxford Internet Institute: Can Twitter provide an early warning function for the next pandemic?

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