Raúl Rojas

Raul will describe the autonomous vehicles he has been developing in Berlin since 2006. Their car "MadeInGermany" was certified for city and highway traffic and has been navigating the Berlin streets since 2011 -- fully automatically. A sensor architecture and a hierarchy of embedded processors makes it possible to control the car using just a laptop. The car uses a combination of radars, laser scanners, video cameras, and a GPS navigation unit. The sensor arrangement is redundant. An independent processor supervises the control chain and provides additional safety. They are now focusing on being able to drive using only computer vision in the future. The automotive industry is also starting to develop systems for highway autopilots. Raul will also discuss the existing legal barriers, as well as the timetable of the German automotive industry.

Raul Rojas has been a Professor of Computer Science at Freie Universität Berlin since 1997. His field of research is Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. He obtained a Bachelors degree, and the Master in Science in Mathematics in Mexico. He holds a PhD and "Habilitation" from FU Berlin. He has been worldChampion in Robotic soccer, and was awarded the Technology Transfer Prize of Berlin in 2008. He has been developing autonomous cars since 2007. His vehicles have been licensed for autonomous driving in Berlin, where they have been shown driving fully automatically in the city centre and in the Autobahn.

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