René Phan

Arundo GbR was founded in 2012 by three maths students (Florian Berninger, Jacob Focke and René Phan) at the TU Dresden. Starting in 2013 the team was awarded an EXIST Business Start-up Grant for their project. The team is probably the youngest to be granted such a scholarship up to date. The idea for Arundo was born in 2011. The first place in a German-wide economy simu­lation contest was motivation to start a business.

René Phan was born in Saxony, Germany. After Civilian Service in Montessori-Schule Dresden in the field of education he started studying and graduated as a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with minor field of study in Business Management. During college he worked in numerical algorithm development at ADZ Nagano GmbH and had a collaboration with Cognitec Systems GmbH to develop a software for mobile devices. René founded a company with two fellow students to develop Arundo – an iPad app for students. Beside being an enthusiastic table tennis player he organizes sports at university sports Dresden.

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