Ronen Kadushin

Open Design: Products in a networked culture

A revolution in product development, production and distribution is imminent due to the Internet’s disruptive nature and the easy access to CNC machines. Open Design is a proposal to make this happen. As in Open Source software and hardware, it’s aim is to shift traditional Industrial Design to become relevant in a globally networked culture. The presentation introduces some of Ronen's Open Design work, its context, aesthetics and insights expressed through this method. He will also talk about the characteristics and product culture emerging from the Maker movement.

Ronen Kadushin is an Israeli designer and design educator living in Berlin since 2005. He teaches furniture design and design creativity at Israeli and European design academies since 1993. In 2004 Kadushin developed the Open Design concept, where the designs of his products can be downloaded, copied, modified and produced, much as in Open Source software. Based on this concept, he formed Open Design, a design and production company for furniture, lighting and accessories. Kadushin is teaching Open design courses in universities and speaks at conferences. He is the author of the Open Design Manifesto.

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