Jaspreet Singh

Understanding the Importance of Securing the ML Code with ML

Cyberthreats are becoming smarter and more complex as the threat players have access to newer, AI driven, cloud enhanced technologies. Having the ability to forecast cyberattacks before they happen depends on the same AI capabilities. How can we outsmart the cyberthreats? The answer is by augmenting traditional Cybersecurity with the help of Machine Learning and Deep Leaning technologies. This session will be focused on defining the threat players, types of security threats and defensive techniques, and will culminate with a practical example on how Generative Adversarial Networks can help build proactive, resilient, and robust cybersecurity solutions.

Jaspreet Singh is an experienced senior principal engineer in McKinsey & Company’s Software Engineering and Enterprise Data & Analytics team. Since joining McKinsey in Jan 2002, Jaspreet has led various engagements related to Enterprise Data & Analytics. Jaspreet brings more than 2 decades of experience in building high-performing teams and delivering enterprise data and analytics solutions across a variety of technology platforms and functions. Jaspreet holds a post-graduate degree in Computer Science and several certifications including AWS Solution Architect Professional, Azure Data Engineer, Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer, Scrum Master, and Product Owner. In addition, Jaspreet has 3 patents pending with the United States Patent Office related to techniques for automated cloud data and technology solution delivery using machine learning and artificial intelligence modeling.

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