Shilpi Agarwal

Reducing AI’s BMI

Do you know what is AI’s BMI today? You guessed it. It's really high!! So, how do we fix this? Do you think Big Tech needs to go on a DIET? What diet would that be? Keto? Paleo? Mediterranean or Vegetarian? Come, Join us for this fun talk and learn the right diet for AI Companies.

Shilpi Agarwal is a Data Philanthropist, Adjunct Faculty at Stanford and MIT $100K Launch Mentor.

Armed with the technical skills from her Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science, design thinking skills from her Masters in Design, combined with 20+ years of Business and Marketing know-how by working as a Marketing Consultant for some really big and some small brands, Shilpi started DataEthics4All, troubled with the unethical use of data around her on social media, in business and in political campaigns.

DataEthics4All is a Community bringing the STEAM in AIᵀᴹ Movement for Youth and celebrating Ethics 1stᵀᴹ Champions of today and tomorrow pledging to help 5 Million economically disadvantaged students in the next 5 years by breaking barriers of entry in tech and creating awareness on the ethical use of data in data science and artificial intelligence in enterprise, working towards a better Data and AI World.

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