Dror Oren

From Virtual Assistants to Virtual Specialists

Consumer-facing Virtual Assistants are (by nature) shallow and broad, they cover multiple areas (like travel, entertainment etc.) but are not designed to help users complete complex tasks. Virtual Assistants have the capacity to understand a user’s intents expressed in natural language and respond by connecting the user with internet services that can fulfill those intents. For Virtual Assistants to be successfully deployed in enterprise verticals, such as banking, retail, and healthcare, just getting to the service isn’t enough for customers; instead, they need to be able to use their Virtual Assistant to follow business rules and execute workflows in order to get things done – enter Virtual Specialists, the next generation of Virtual Assistants. Virtual Specialists have deep knowledge of a given domain (vertical) and as such are capable of providing almost human-like conversational experience. Virtual Specialists are much more sophisticated than Virtual Assistants not only because they know about specific vertical, but also about the relationship of the user with the enterprise, enabling a very personalized and customized user experience.

Dror has over 10 years of experience in software engineering, marketing and product management. Prior to Kasisto, Dror was an executive director in the SRI Ventures team at SRI International, where he focused on commercialization of technologies in information and computer sciences and helped spin out companies such as Tempo.ai, and Desti. Before SRI, Dror worked in product marketing and management at VMware and NICE Systems Ltd., where he led a technical product line. Dror holds an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and a double-major B.S. degree in computer science and biology from Tel Aviv University.

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