Gregory Renard

Emotional AI

Today we're daily using a lot of personal assistant as Siri, Cortana, Alexa, ... there are using approximately 7% of the communication between Human and Machine (AI). The emotional AI, or socially adaptive AI, is the approach to extend the communication through the nonverbal and deep learning to create empathy between the User and the AI in order to facilitate the adoption and bring more wellness in the user experience of any virtual assistant or social robot.

Gregory is an artificial intelligence solutions architect and big data guy working on Personal Assistant for Cars, IoT data (Machine Learning, Deep Learning), connected things and Voice/Semantic Search (NLU, DeepNLP) for over than 15 years. Based on his experience and vision about Personal Assistant, he co-founded xBrain, Inc., which has created an easy to use artificial intelligence cloud-based platform for next generation intelligent web and personal assistant developers. The xBrain platform supports natural communications between any object or device in the Internet of Things to enable simple applications which model human communication and intelligence. As a former math teacher and data scientist, he is passionate about a connected world where universal access to information and knowledge frees people to achieve their full potential.

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