Mark Stephen Meadows

Bots on the blockchain - conversational commerce and sales automation

We've all heard that the blockchain will impact finances and technology. And we've all heard that bots and AI will impact the world of commerce. But what explosions happen if we mix these volatile solutions? We examine specific use cases like bots selling tickets, coupons, licenses, and micropayments. And we explain how this works. And we demonstrate it working with a conversational avatar. In VR.

Meadows is an American author, inventor, and designer. With 20 years in VR, 15 in NLP, and 5 in robotics he has founded four companies, designed artificial intelligence applications at some of the world’s top research labs (Xerox-PARC, SRI, Waag, others), worked as a government-level consultant in both hemispheres, and has written four books that examine technology and their social consequences. His role at Botanic, LLC is as President, where he leads the vision of the company by inventing new methods of computer-human interaction, designing the hearts and minds of highly social robots.

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