Nick Triantos

The Future of Virtual Assistants

In this talk, Nick Triantos of SRI International (creators of Siri) will discuss the current state of virtual assistants, and several new capabilities being added to significantly improve the capabilities and versatility of the next generation of virtual assistants. Nick will talk about ways to fold state-of-the-art AI work into virtual assistants, and how to leverage new tools and data sources to provide more compelling use cases without having to hard-code as much as previous generations of software required. SRI is incorporating these capabilities into its current generation virtual assistant platform for a new breed of smart applications and products.

Nick Triantos joined SRI Ventures as managing director in 2015. In that role, he focuses on commercializing products based on SRI proprietary technology, with particular emphasis on software inventions and computer science. He brings strong experience as an entrepreneur, investor, and start-up advisor to advance SRI Ventures’ reputation for forming spin-off companies that bring new value to the marketplace and stakeholders. Before joining SRI, Triantos has been an early team member or founder at 6 tech startups. His most recent, ionGrid, was acquired by NetApp in 2013. His previous startup work includes serving as CEO at TokBox, an innovator in web-based video chat, VP Software Engineering at Perceptive Pixel, which revolutionized the touch computing UI now prevalent on smartphones, and Chief Software Architect at NVIDIA. Triantos has also worked on the investor side of the table, as both an angel investor and as a partner at a venture capital firm. He has made a dozen investments across life sciences, cyber security, and software companies. His B.S. degree in computer science is from the State University of New York at Buffalo. He holds MBAs from Columbia University and the University of California, Berkeley. Nick holds two patents, with two more pending.

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