Pilar Manchon

Multidimensional Intelligence

In a world where Virtual Agents are gradually demonstrating increasing levels of intelligence, users still find virtual agents lacking in human-like capabilities and qualities. One of the key factors in this gap in human-likeness is Multidimensional Intelligence. Many developers and are still focusing on different levels of functional intelligence, while leaving aside other types of intelligence that have a decisive impact on the users’ perception. As we will see, it is all about perception: when intelligence cannot be furthered within the current state of the art, the appearance of intelligence can still boost the user’s overall experience. Cognitive Design and a solid persona in conjunction with Social and Emotional Intelligence can effectively help bridge the gap that brings agents closer to their ultimate goal.

Pilar Manchón holds a First Degree in English Philology, University of Seville, a MSc. in Cognitive Science and Natural Language, Edinburgh University, and a PhD in Computational Linguistics on Intelligent Multimodal Dialogue Systems, Stanford and Seville Universities. She also received Executive and Business training, San Telmo International Institute and the Sloan School of Management at MIT, and a Masters in Business Internationalization by the EOI. In 2005, Pilar joined forces with Gabriel Amores to found Intelligent Dialogue Systems aka INDISYS, an Artificial Intelligence company in Seville, Spain, which developed Intelligent Virtual Agents with human-like conversational capabilities. While raising over $7.5M to develop the solution, jumpstart the business and expand internationally, Pilar built an A team and developed a company culture that encouraged personal and professional growth, trust, respect and excellence. She drove and executed the strategy that enabled Indisys to achieve international peer and customer recognition, a solid reputation of impeccable service, ability to deliver and top quality solutions. These NLP and Dialogue Management technologies and tools received international recognition and multiple awards. In 2013, INDISYS became the first Spanish company ever acquired by Intel. Today, Pilar is the GM of Voice and Digital Assistance in the Client Computing Group at Intel, as well as an international inspirational speaker.

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