Roberto Pieraccini

The making of Jibo, the first social robot for the home

Jibo is a robot that understands speech, has a moving body that helps him communicate more effectively, and express emotions. Jibo has cameras and microphones to make sense of the world around him, including detecting where sounds come from and recognizing and tracking people. He has a display to show images, an eye that can morph into shapes at will, and a touch interface as a complementary input modality. Jibo encompasses the ultimate human-machine interface, with the potential of becoming a new interaction paradigm. In this talk I will take the audience through a journey in making such a complex devices and the challenged faced by the sheer complexity of integrating a large number of technologies in a character robot device for the home.

Roberto Pieraccini, a scientist, technologist, and the author of “The Voice in the Machine,” (MIT Press, 2012) has been at the forefront of speech, language, and machine learning innovation for more than 30 years. He is widely known as a pioneer in the fields of statistical natural language understanding and machine learning for automatic dialog systems, and their practical application to industrial solutions. As a researcher he worked at CSELT (Italy), Bell laboratories, AT&T Labs, and IBM T.J. Watson. He led the dialog technology team at SpeechWorks Int.l, he was the CTO of SpeechCycle, and the CEO of the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) in Berkeley. He now leads the Advanced Conversational Technologies team at Jibo.

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