Tim Tuttle

Voice Assistant Adoption & Attitudes

Intelligent voice interfaces have long been a favorite of science fiction, and recent AI advances are finally making them a reality. Currently most common in smartphone assistants, voice interfaces have also begun appearing in cars, wearables, smart televisions, and connected home devices such as Amazon’s Echo. The performance of such voice interfaces is finally acceptable, users are starting to embrace them.

MindMeld’s presentation will focus on both what’s driving these technical capabilities that are finally making intelligent voice interfaces a reality, and how the demand for such voice capabilities is changing based on findings of research conducted by the company.

These combined trends of a fast changing market has implications for many different devices, applications and industries. The presentation will share data behind these trends and conclusions of what this means for the industry.

Tim is the CEO and Founder of Mindmeld. Tim started his career at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab, where he received his PhD. Tim has also served on the research faculty at MIT as well as Bell Laboratories. His first company built the Internet’s first large-scale CDN for real-time data. His second company, Truveo, built the web’s second-largest video search platform, reaching over 70M monthly visitors, and was acquired by AOL. Tim served as Senior Vice President at AOL responsible for the Truveo business unit. Tim is the author of eighteen technical publications, and was selected as one of the 100 Top Young Innovators by MIT Technology Review Magazine.

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