Cathy Pearl

Director of User Experience

I've been in the speech recognition industry since 1999 and more recently in the world of virtual avatars. I worked at Nuance Communications for 8 years designing IVRs. More recently I worked at a startup called Volio (founded by Nuance's original CEO, Ron Croen) to create engaging voice-directed conversations with pre-recorded content. Our app won the "Demo God" award at DemoMobile in 2013.

I am now at, where our virtual nurse, Molly, helps patients with chronic health conditions manage their condition, bridging the gap between patients and clinicians. Patients can interact with Molly by speaking or using touch controls, and the app is integrated with Bluetooth medical devices such as scales and blood pressure cuffs, eliminating the need for constantly going to see the doctor / have followup visits. I'm also the author of the O'Reilly book Designing Voice User Interfaces.

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