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Bots have feelings too -- How I'm building an emotionally aware bot

We track our steps, heartbeat, calorie intake and so many more physical attributes with the help of technology every day. Why do we not also track our mental health? Joy, a facebook messenger bot, helps you do just that. Joy will check in with you daily to find out how you're feeling or what you did that day. Based on your responses, Joy has the ability to estimate your overall mood and report changes or consistency in your mood over time. If Joy detects traces of anxiety, depression or general sadness, the user will be prompted to view tips on how to improve their current mental state. Joy will continuously learn about your personal mood patterns and which activities affect your mental health in order to help keep you feeling like the best version of yourself. By normalizing the importance of mental health, Joy will help to abolish the stigma against mental illness and promote positive responses for individuals taking responsibility for their own mental health awareness.

Danny is the founder & CEO of Joy. He graduated from the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business (2015) with a focus on entrepreneurship, computer science and design. While at U of M, Danny co-founded Companion, a personal safety app that allows individuals to virtually walk home with friends and predict where local police will be most useful. Companion has appeared on The Today Show, CNN, Business Insider, ABC News and many more national media outlets, helping to acquire over 1 million users. Danny is currently working on product development and design for Trunk Club during his days but spends nights and weekends building and growing Joy. With a passion for both technology and mental health awareness, he is eager to spread the word about Joy's ability to track an individual's mental state and promote positive change.

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