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Can you lend me a hand? Helpers of the Future

As technology continues to proliferate through our lives and plays an ever increasing role, and as machine intelligence increases in sophistication, the fundamental question shifts from “How do we design better algorithms?” to “How can we design and create technology that interacts with us in an adaptive manner and complements human life on a day-to-day basis?” My research explores one particular aspect, designing robots that utilize machine intelligence in order to assist humans. In this talk, I will focus on how we can leverage machine learning techniques to gain an understanding of the task a person is performing based on data acquired from observing users naturally perform this task. Such an understanding is crucial not only for a robot helper, but for any intelligent agent we envision assisting us in the future.

Corina is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Social Robotics Lab at Yale University. She became interested in robotics during her undergraduate studies in computer science, and performed research at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory, UK, throughout her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. At Yale, her research focus is on developing adaptive robots, capable of interacting with humans and offering supportive behaviors in collaborative settings. In order to achieve the wide array of functionality desired for robots in such dynamic settings, her projects investigate how to leverage machine learning techniques that make it possible for the robot to learn both from the people it interacts with and its environment.

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