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A Virtual Personal Finance Specialist for the 99%

47% of Americans live on a financial cliff, unable to come up with $400 of cash in the event of an emergency. To address this problem, we’re introducing the concept of virtual personal finance specialists. Engaging with a virtual personal finance specialist is less about the nature of the conversation, and more the efficiency in which one can outsourcing their financial chores to an agent with a contextual understanding of their current financial self and needs. Messaging is simply the means towards action and the conversation should always be as short as possible. What matters is not the technology, but the efficacy of the product to shape and improve a person’s financial well being. I’ll explore how personified messaging products can influence day-to-day financial habits and execute the truly important parts of a person’s financial life. Everything from controlling spending, automating savings & debt repayments, planning for future expenses, and managing volatile cash flow.

Sam Artioli is a Solutions Architect with 15+ years experience in Software Development. He currently manages the technology initiatives of the Abe, a white-label chatbot software for community banks and credit unions. Prior to leading the technology initiatives of Abe, Sam was the Lead Solutions Architect in Emerging Technology for Disney. During this time he was responsible for experimenting with machine learning and advanced NLP and chatbot technologies. Prior to his work with the emerging technology division of Disney, Sam worked as an engineer for Apple where he focused mainly on Build Systems and Foundation Code; programming in C, Objective-C, Unix and Perl. As a GM, Sam oversaw the release of essential Apple Software including DVD Studio Pro, iCal, iChat, iDVD, iMovie, iPhoto, iSync, Keynote, Logic, Motion, Qmaster, QuickTime, Shake, and Soundtrack. These days you can find Sam these days crafting full platform configurations with Node.js, Angular, Gulp, Express, Cordova, a splash of Go, and Docker to bind it all together.

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