Phillip Bückendorf

CEO and Co-Founder

Predictive Commerce Technologies and Shopping Assistants

In an era when we’re creating self-driving cars, experiencing augmented reality, and pioneering to Mars, parenting - a job most adults will take on at some point in their lives - has become even harder than ever before. Introducing a new evolution to make parenting easier, Hiro is a personal assistant for new parents powered by human-assisted AI. Hiro uses a Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) to predict answers their human agents can send out to users. Unoccupied agents train the recurring neural network through simulated scenarios in domains it is lacking knowledge.

Phillip is the CEO and Co-Founder of Hiro, a Menlo Park based startup. Before Hiro, Phillip and the team worked on Downtown, an iBeacon-based order and payment solution for restaurants that was named top retail innovation by Forbes in 2014. Phillip holds a BA in International Relations from European University in Barcelona.



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