Lauren Kuntz

The Opportunity for Combined AI & Physics-Based Models in Grid Applications

As our electric grid shifts towards a greater reliance on renewable energy sources, which provide greater variability and less inertia, the need for new adaptive and rapid control methods grows. There is massive opportunity for AI to help with this shift, but the grid poses new challenges: from guarantees of reliability and safety, to a system which is ever non-stationary. At Gaiascope, we’re trying to overcome these challenges by creating ways to embed the physical knowledge we already have of electricity and system dynamics into AI and ML models.

Lauren Kuntz is Co-Founder and CEO of Gaiascope, Inc, a company working to harness the power of AI for electric grid applications and accelerate our energy transition. Previously, she was a NOAA Climate and Global Change Fellow at the University of Washington using ML techniques to understand rainfall characteristics. She received her PhD in earth and planetary science from Harvard University and SB in physics and mechanical engineering from MIT.

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