Loic Juillard

What's in a metric? Towards human-centric efficiency improvement in image annotation

At the core of Machine Learning lies the complex problem of creating datasets. The increasing complexity of use cases coupled with ever-growing media repositories is posing challenges to teams. How to extract the right data and efficiently create training datasets? From our years of experience in the industry, we will present the major success criteria in various stages of a project, and how we use Machine learning for Computer vision to improve quality and efficiency.

Loic Juillard has over 20 years of industry experience in the Cloud services and AI industry. He is currently working for Samasource as VP of Engineering. His experience includes Fortune 500 Companies such as Salesforce.com, Unity Technologies, AT&T where he led the development of large scale AI, data analytics, and cloud solutions. He has also worked at AMCC and Ascom architecting state-of-the-art hosting service. Loic received his MS in computer science from UTBM, France.

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