Eugenia Kuyda

What it is like to raise an AI friend

Replika is an AI that you talk to and it learns to become you. Everyone will have a digital copy of themselves that reflects your personality, keeps your memories, makes you more connected with your friends and yourself, does things for you and eventually keeps you alive (and lives on top of any messenger out there).

Eugenia Kuyda is a co-founder and CEO at Luka. Prior to starting Luka, she founded a branding agency where her clients consisted of Formula One teams and large banks. She also led a banking project built on top of a telecommunications company where she developed an SMS bank assistant. Prior to that, she began working as a journalist at age 12 for Novaya Gazeta (nationwide newspaper) where she had her own column. She also wrote for Sport Express, GQ and Tatler, and worked as a line producer for Bazelevs, published two books and finally became editor-in-chief at Afisha, a popular lifestyle magazine. She holds an MBA from the London Business School.

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