Ira Ktena

From 100 Billion Neurons to 200 Billion Tweets

Cortex is the core Machine Learning organisation within Twitter. With a portfolio of research projects ranging from real-time personalisation to graph learning and geometric deep learning, Applied Research offers a unique ecosystem that fosters the exploration of new challenges around recommender systems, content understanding and representation learning. In this talk, I’m going to expand on some recent challenges that we tackled.

Ira Ktena is a Machine Learning Researcher with the Cortex Applied Research team at Twitter UK. She completed a Doctoral degree in Medical Image Computing at Imperial College London, where her research focused on developing methods for modelling graph-structured neuroimaging data using traditional graph theoretical approaches and geometric deep learning. During that time she visited Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School to implement ML models for Neurology applications. She previously worked on audio generative models as a Research Intern at Spotify.

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