Sarah Jarvis

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The Power of Diversity

Making robust decisions in an uncertain world is a huge challenge for any enterprise. In developing’s VUKU platform, we have identified common approaches to answer a diverse range of questions. Developing a flexible array of models drawn from complementary machine learning techniques, we have to combine multiple disciplines within machine learning - for which it was crucial to put together diverse teams of researchers and engineers.

Dr Sarah Jarvis is a leading computer engineer and neuroscientist with a career founded on applying intelligent solutions to real-world problems. As Head of Data Science at in Cambridge, she works with a global team of researchers and engineers in building’s ground-breaking decision-making platform.

Born in Australia, she trained at Freiburg University in Germany and Imperial College in London. Prior to joining, she worked in public health, building machine learning tools to help developing countries decide how to best allocate budgets for their health programmes. Working closely with the World Bank, she helped to guide the spending of budgets worth in total more than $250 million.

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