Julia Kroll

You Can Say That Again: Internationalizing Alexa for Global Language Understanding

Since its release in 2014, Alexa has become increasingly sophisticated at understanding American English-speaking users. Furthermore, Alexa has expanded to German and Japanese, as well as British, Canadian, Indian, and Australian dialects of English. However, the ultimate vision is that users worldwide are able to speak to Alexa in their native languages. In order for scientists and linguists to begin developing Alexa in new languages, suitable language data is needed for training models. This talk will examine the challenges of gathering data to begin creating Alexa models for new languages, as well as solutions being explored and implemented within Alexa to obtain rich sources of international language data.

Julia Kroll is a data engineer on the Applied Modeling and Data Science team at Amazon Alexa in Boston. She develops novel solutions related to sourcing and distributing multilingual language data applied to internationalizing Alexa.

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