Ghida Ibrahim

How Data Analytics Can Help Us Build A More Empathetic Internet?

The internet has became as essential as electricity and water to more than 4 billion people present online today. However, over 40% of the world population is still offline and a significant percentage of the connected population, particularly in the developing world, suffers from a low quality of experience translating into an inability to access many websites and apps, and significant delays and stalls when accessing sensitive content such as video. In this talk, we start by explaining the basics of how the internet works. We then dig deeper into how techniques like operations research and game theory can inform a enable internet players with different resources and interests to cooperate, thus improving the state of internet connectivity and helping to bring more people online to a better internet.

Dr. Ghida Ibrahim works as a quantitative engineer/data scientist in the edge infrastructure team at Facebook London, where she builds data driven tools and models, and performs in depth analysis to drive the expansion and optimise the operation of one of the largest and most complex networks forming the internet, with the goal of bringing more people online to a better internet. In her spare time, Ghida built Rafiqi, a platform that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) for connecting refugees to life opportunities, that has been recognized by TechCrunch as one of the most innovative new projects using tech to help refugees, and was a finalist of many awards including Techfugees Global Challenges competition and the Tech for Good UK awards.

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