Razia Ahamed

Getting Support for New Ways of Delivering Healthcare

Digital and machine learning technologies have positively impacted so many industries, such as Banking (e.g. fraud detection), Advertising, Retail (with recommendations and personalization) and Mapping, so why is healthcare lagging behind? From enabling research on health data to integrating with outdated proprietary hospital systems, from gaining clinician support to patient trust, the barriers to entry are high for innovators to offer their services. In this talk, I explore the challenges facing technology companies seeking to make a positive impact in healthcare and how DeepMind is looking to address these challenges in addition to some of our recent initiatives in the field.

Razia is the Strategic Partnerships lead for DeepMind Health. She works to formulate mutually beneficial partnerships between DeepMind and the health sector; these include collaborations to deliver clinical applications to NHS hospitals as well as research partnerships, using machine learning to solve clinical problems, such as improving diagnostics and preventing patient deterioration. Before joining DeepMind, Razia led strategic partnerships discussions for various Google products including, Google Maps and Google Search, in addition to being market development manager for Skype in the UK.

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