Layla El Asri

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How Conversational Interfaces Learn

In consumer and enterprise environments, we see increasing applications of conversational AI. From speakers in our kitchens, to assistants on our phones, these conversational systems are designed to serve us through dialogue. To be effective, these conversational systems must learn to master language to the extent that they can not only understand what humans say, but also generate sentences to communicate back to humans. In this talk, Layla El Asri, Research Manager at Maluuba will discuss two approaches that AI researchers are using to equip conversational interfaces with the skills necessary to maintain a full and useful dialogue with users.

Layla El Asri is a Research Manager at Maluuba, a Canadian AI company that’s teaching machines to think, reason and communicate with humans (acquired by Microsoft in January 2017). Based in the AI epicenter of Montréal, Maluuba applies deep learning techniques to solve complex problems in language understanding. Layla’s work explores artificial intelligence in the context of language understanding, dialogue and human-machine interaction. Layla leads a team seeking to build artificial intelligence systems that are knowledgeable and can exchange information with users to help users accomplish tasks or gain knowledge. Layla completed her PhD at Université de Lorraine in France.

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