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Arrival & Networking Reception

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Usha Jagannathan, Ph.D.

Usha Jagannathan, Ph.D. - Principal Engineer and Digital Innovation Leader - McKinsey & Company

Welcome Note

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Jigyasa Grover

Jigyasa Grover - Machine Learning Engineer - Twitter

Journey from Open Source to ML

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Supreet Kaur

Supreet Kaur - Assistant Vice President - Morgan Stanley

Pivoting into AI

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Robin Rahe

Robin Rahe - Director of Product, Discovery & ML - Scribd

Championing Women in ML Product Management

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Brenda Ng

Brenda Ng - Executive Director of Applied AI & ML - JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Team Engagement: Staying Sane and Supported through the Pandemic and Beyond

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Closing Note

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End of Reception

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