Usha Jagannathan, Ph.D.

Dr. Usha Jagannathan is a Principal Engineer & Digital Innovation Leader at McKinsey & Company within Technology & Digital. She brings twenty years of digital transformation experience in building new technology ecosystems, and empowering teams to build user-centric products that meet customer needs. Usha leads domain level AI/ML applications for cloud transformations, drives innovation initiatives and support the domain strategy to accelerate innovation, and coach product development teams to deliver custom digital cloud-native solutions.

Before McKinsey, Usha worked at a digital innovation lab for Marsh & McLennan and spearheaded the IT graduate degree program as a program chair at Arizona State University. Following her Ph.D. dissertation, she pioneered the concept of virtual IT lab immersion for online engineering degree programs to facilitate experiential learning.

Her research interests include machine learning, ethical AI, decarbonization and AI, measuring carbon footprint in cloud instances. Usha is a passionate STEM advocate and works to increase industry diversity through apprenticeship and work-study programs.

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