Saranya Govindan

Making Alexa more Knowledgeable

Would you like to understand the magic that happens in 1 second from the moment that you ask a question to Alexa to the moment it replies to you as if Alexa was a human? In this talk Saranya Govindan will go through cutting edge technologies in Artificial intelligence that are being developed in Alexa Research, Amazon to make a super complex product of automatic assistant using deep learning. After this talk you will know about concepts ranging from knowledge acquisition to question understanding and answering.

Saranya is an Applied Science Manager at Amazon. Previously, she was also a Machine learning Data Scientist at Tesco. She has an engineering background with 12 years of commercial experience working in the Retail and Insurance sectors and has held consulting and leadership roles in the Analytics space. Saranya is a graduate from Imperial College London and got her Masters in Business Analytics with a Research assistant scholarship. In her current role, she works on improving store space allocation and employs machine-learning techniques to solve business problems.

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