The Deep Learning Indaba is an organisation whose mission is to Strengthen Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Africa. We work towards the goal of Africans being not only observers and receivers of the ongoing advances in AI, but active shapers and owners of these technological advances.

The Deep Learning Indaba aims to address two principal aims: African participation and contribution to the advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, and diversity in these fields of science. The implications of these overarching goals is the spreading of technical knowledge at the state-of-the art in the field; the opportunities for new research connections to be made and and silos in the research community to be broken; the fostering of a better understanding of the variety of career paths in the field, especially those that are in abundance locally; and through new friendships, perspectives and backgrounds, taking the steps to realising a more representative, inclusive and multicultural machine learning community.

An indaba is a Zulu word for a gathering or meeting, and this spirit of coming together, of sharing and learning, is one of the core values of our organisation, and hence, the best choice of name for it.

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