Elena Kell

Creating a Culture of Responsible AI

The AI development is delivering jaw-dropping news on a regular basis, as both research and adaptation is moving forward, and many industries are facing new unexpected challenges. AI is a powerful tool that allows for many new possibilities, but that we can do something doesn’t mean that we should do it. At H&M Group, responsible AI is on top of the agenda. For us it is not enough to just follow the law anymore and the discussion has shifted from “Are we compliant?” to “Are we doing the right thing?”. At H&M Group we are committed to do AI in a responsible way and this talk will explore what the work with Responsible AI entails and how do we align it to our culture and company strategy in a meaningful way.

Elena Kell is a Responsible AI Specialist at H&M Group and a Women in AI ambassador in Sweden. In her daily work she drives initiatives within ethical and sustainable AI and is strongly committed to working with inclusion, diversity, and gender equality in AI. Elena is a member of Advisory Board for AI Business Consulting Program at Hyper Island and a mentor in Women in AI Ethics global community. She has recently been recognized as one of the TOP-50 Leaders in Research and Equitable Leadership List, released by Remesh.

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