Natalia Burina

Rise of Responsible AI

In the last decade AI has become ubiquitous, driving increasingly complex and consequential decisions like credit approvals, college admissions, courtroom bail decisions etc. As AI enables the world to supercharge its products, it opens Pandora's box of potential user harms from discrimination to polarization to violation of user privacy.
The tech industry has a responsibility to build AI in a way that’s fair, transparent, private and robust. Most AI teams understand the importance of building their AI responsibly but don’t know what exactly it entails. Come learn about the latest industry wide developments in ensuring that AI is built responsibly.

Natalia Burina is an AI product leader at Facebook. In 2017 she was recognized by Business Insider as one of “The Most Powerful Female Engineers”. Before Facebook, Natalia was a Director of Product at Salesforce where she led Einstein, the Salesforce AI platform. In 2015 Natalia founded Parable, a creative photo network featured by Apple in #1 spot for photo & video and social networking. Parable was bought by Samsung.

Before Parable, Natalia worked on eBay search and Microsoft’s search engine Bing. Natalia started her career as a software engineer after having completed a Bachelor's degree in Applied and Computational Mathematics at University of Washington.

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