Marian Nicholson

AI & Image Recognition Technology

Combining AI-based image recognition technology with high-speed image processing technology cultivated with supercomputer technology makes it possible to capture images from surveillance cameras located over a wide area that cannot be grasped by human visual observation. This technology enables assessment of the movements of people and vehicles throughout a city, thereby helping to prevent crime and optimise the urban lifestyle. By watching over entire cities, this can be a force for good or the realisation of the 1984 future, foretold by George Orwell. This short talk focuses on the use of AI in a human-centric intelligent society.

I have over 25 years of experience working in computer science and educated to Masters level. with a degree in Computer Science. Currently, I work for Fujitsu, as a Lead Deal Architect designing solutions for customers, working with Fujitsu Laboratories, to fulfil the Fujitsu vision of Human Centric Innovation. Our research focus is on creating cutting-edge solutions that benefit society, with particular emphasis on healthcare, manufacturing and finance. Our specialist research teams are actively engaged in Artificial Intelligence initiatives, as well as security technology research, and advanced cognitive networks research. Working with customers, collaboration partners and society as a whole to drive the evolution of ICT and help realize a safer and more prosperous world. Open Innovation is an essential element working with some of Europe’s highest profile initiatives, including the 5G Innovation Center - the world's first research center dedicated to 5G - and the European Union's largest ever research and innovation program, Horizon 2020.

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