Apeksha Garga

Apeksha is VP of Design and Marketing at Wealthfront where she leads product design, research, content strategy, product marketing and the creative brand team. Wealthfront is on a mission to build a financial system that favors people, not institutions. Previously she was at IDEO, an award winning design and innovation consulting company. She has over 10 years of experience championing human-centered design to help organizations create new businesses and reinvent existing ones. She has built and led multi-disciplinary design teams that play a strategic role in an organization and are integral to the success of the business.

She fosters a strong culture of innovation and cross-functional collaboration to envision and build unprecedented products and services that often require defining new industry norms and ethical practices that are designed for people first. She believes in seeking insightful discoveries about human needs and behaviors and building a deep appreciation and understanding of technology to deliver new value that has sustainable positive impact on people, society and business.

Apeksha’s work has been recognized through awards and publications such as IDSA, Webby, FastCompany, Core77, designboom, Time Magazine, Wired, TechCrunch, CNN and The Verge. Her experience spans across industries such as consumer technology, finance, healthcare, automotive, education, furniture and retail. She has a Masters in Design from Institute of Design, IIT Chicago, and a degree in architecture.

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